Football Drills Wang Dong temporarily eliminated to stop, but the Wang Ye San people are getting more busy more.Wang Ye goes to suburban area, outside county study and plants with Mr. Zhong every day, farming, half-hardy technique, the farmland is bright the car accessories in the sea dragon store study car gearing with maintain, hotel management, various apparatus gearing with maintain, various electric appliances gearing with maintain, favour of not as well happy.The task of cloud son is to be responsible for online to check to seek, choose various cloth.The clothes on the net don\'t already make cloud son shocking, only printed cloth lets cloud son sigh for the view, not only the pattern is many, many species, the flower type is many, also have the pure cotton cloth of a factory production in the house is an appearance, a series, a style.Have one calls space Luo of spinning company, by oneself the design and the pure cotton cloth spinning and weaving by oneself has more than 1,000 assortment specieses.Those appearances are beautiful to make cloud son, the the quasi- painter who excels flower all dumbstruck!These beautiful appearances are soccer skills for kids attraction to big pure woman their eyeball, lure they have to from the pocket in take assurance of money!The whole cotton of Football Drills various each kind pure cotton printed cloth and pure cotton dot printed cloth, hot turn and soccer practice plans u8 print printed cloth and pure cotton poplin of printed cloth, flannel stamp-tax, green flower porcelain effect stamp-tax, take a gum flannel(the paper cutting is used), activity stamp-tax, pastoral big printed cloth and delightfully fresh branches and leaves floret cloth, the cartoon Jing Fang pure cotton, natural colourful cotton and breadth noodles blank cloth, lift printed cloth, color weaving, hot gold, gold and silver silk cloth, embroider printed cloth and Lou empty cloth ……cloud son wander about unhurriedly at flower of world, flower of ocean in ……In the moment appear the big hand of a rock suddenly, frightenned cloud son a jump!Is Wang Ye!He already stare at cloud son a good half-day:\"I just know now what call a Chi fan!See printed cloth also worth so?\"\"Are you dry?The somebody else is cutting and polishing these patterns are how to draw outs, you ……\"\"Xie Xie, don\'t stare the eye pupil son bad.\"Also the Wang Ye academic association made fun of a person.The mouth Du of cloud son rises old Gao, but also know Wang Ye for the sake of he or she good, not and greatly wish ground to leave seat, drank glass water, went to lie down in the bed.See in room have no other people, say:\"Wang Ye, the somebody else the talented person here is getting tooer many, only printed cloth cloud son dimmed eyesight is confused, don\'t know the choice which.\"\"Choose you like of, like most of, like most most.Then decide to buy how much.The elder sister said to want to buy more, if felt to buy in times before of have a little little, again repair.\"Wang Ye gently smiles, the small voice asks:\"You wear so a to sit and then a good half-day don\'t go, get movable activity, there are still two kids in the belly.\"\"Your old man\'s house is that the Doctor of central beautiful hospital is tall to just livings, has already served as work beautiful college of teach, exclusively develop graduate student for school, higher than kid sister quite a few step, can not develop some style?Is now it that the singer is popular painter that stills keep being popular?Have a thing have Football Drills their order of priority!Have you never heard our little aunt to sing O.K. than Deng Li Jun?Said again, our this little aunt just when one was young in youth, the affair painting has no the time of tooth can also carry on.\"Allow the high theory of Ting Ting small beautiful happy get ex- shout the Yang is behind.

\"Be not be not, we are to want to Football Drills repair database building.\"Clip a river bamboo paper because of he/she the pure and fine and careful Zhao said, the creation technical skill is been included in a batch non- material cultural in nation inheritance to record. \"The ages that leaves you here contains more than 200 years of time and space, there are some varieties in the more than 200 years head quarter.Suppose you the circumstance in Manchu Dynasty now and Ming Dynasty 200 year agos of big different, completely is two different social appearances.No matter is the person\'s thought, still clothing style, living habit.And, the population Football Drills here compares big pure want much more than ten times, the knowledge structure also differs a lot.Elder sister not is say you there not good, but say, compare under, you economic condition, various home articles there all and my margin is very big.Can say rather flourishing here.A lot of specieses of goods and material rather the assortment here the species is well-found, substantially if talk about real quality we are here still not equal to you, you there didn\'t pollute and is all green environmental protection product, is a natural material, but we here have Football Drills a lot of things that is a chemistry to synthesize.You have to study all is to relate to one of your a fondness for and the career, suppose Mr. Fu house period, in the temples doing the force is a kind of vegetables, besides which, so, you study the technique of agriculture and grow vegetables ah, cultivate flowers ah, grow farm goods ah, cultivation mushroom, transplant fruit tree ah, keep a flower to keep a fish etc., also have while purchasing goods be responsible for army supplies supplies of generously.The and so forth is a gifted woman, like calligraphy and painting, and handicraft product...etc., study here of the way of doing of creation method, west point and cold drink of different technique of painting, handicraft product.Still need to replace Mr. Fu to stay to learn some methods and costume designs that differ from big pure cooking and process a method at the your home that madam, hereafter start to eat store wine shop and sell clothing use.The small farmland studies the business enterprise here management and simple machine use and maintains and returns to manage your wine shops, workshop to use.The merchandise that you purchase is divided into a time and can process.A time meaning be the Manchu Dynasty can not produce of, buy to return to direct sell, can process of be buy material here, then return to do-it-yourself, can not only lower soccer practice drills expenses, but also give the person of your home the increment income like this.You on the whole is an each kind of cloth, handicraft product, cultural thing, book, pigment, paper, each kind of seed, small scaled apparatus, there is also one part of foods and other products the product wanting to purchase.Want large numbers of quantity ground to purchase, spend money that the cultural object change to all finish.Remember, you had to buy of the goods are your demands of but not necessarily is the most expensive here, even very cheap.Expensive is good-looking, return to and then can hardly make money is be not?You can buy the sample here to return to Football Drills act accordingly.See like this, you really need to experience\'let go of a face\'such a pass.You are social high personages, let you buy a cheap product to process, make money, also an impact of idea to you.\"\"You come here even if make to specially wander about at a time, have to have the mental state preparation to bear suffering.Mr. Fu wants the first prince businessman who become the big Manchu Dynasty.You now is to fluently cure for 15 years there, fluently cure Be about to change emperor for 18 years.The elder sister wants to say of the new gentleman is the good emperor that the text cures fighting skill, will leave a glorious history for Chinese nation.Being able to help him is a predestination of once in a lifetime, also the opportunity that you build up contribution.This isn\'t a small matter, not all people to all have this opportunity.You take for the elephant assistance Tang Seng\'s Buddhist paradise through of Sun Wukong Be similar to want to pay an a lot of pains.You never after company, and big pure example Lyu rules the officials disallow to go into business.But you have to also walk this unfamiliar but difficult road.You trust, the ship arrives Chiaotou to keep naturally, will have this opportunity when the time comes.Now, your tasks are to study more some your ability possibly the Qi and of technical skill, purchase the merchandise that your person there can accept to sell, hand over to a new gentleman money earning.\'The sky declines a big term at the this person, definitely Lao it physique bitterness it heart ambition, \'so your businesses may meet a lot of difficulties and frustrate very much.Can walk over is building up your contribution, complete your missions, have gone through all kinds of hardships and difficultie like Tang Seng, fix into achievement.\"

Football Drills \"The elder sister has already left for you, one thing leaves 1 box each time.\"\"Am I that your rice worm isn\'t very good now?All expenseses are all small rich old woman expense, you don\'t feel I very elephant a specially big rice worm?\"

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