Education & Technical Cloud son to the full person of bow Ma Da\'s world basically didn\'t good impression, think that they are savage tribes, have no the fierce bandit that morals controls.The Shao takes to also have an outlaw to Wang Ye of purely full person\'s blood relationship.Though his outward appearance, personal characters have Education & Technical never got to say.Who know that oneself still became his Qie room, very long period of time felt very short of breath very timid, the but again is helpless.\"The elder sister has already left for you, one thing leaves 1 box each time.\"

\"Is exactly an I see the little aunt\'s belly, for the sake of her belly we of the prenatal influence of little cousin, cousin just so Hui the person is tireless.We of uncle\'s adult still is really a green of age, unexpectedly have thus unique creation ability, it is the wine jar that reforms to°from a lovely curve big beauty an of our little aunts two points, middle breadth to stare blankly aunt.\" Was very not easy to choose some dynasties of more suitable cloud sons are used, blue say:\"Is here today, the little aunt is getting more tired, we go out deeply well ventilated.\"\"Do not go, haven\'t these two Mr. xus books handed over money.\"\"Get to doorway to just hand over.\"Is blue the more frightened little aunt expose Qie, the little aunt more exposes country bumpkin true colors and make blue sigh in sorrow not only. Chapter 73 head strolls a capital city(two)\"Is blue, I liked a little aunt of and so forth too much and really thought to hand over a friend with her, do you give introduction for a while?\"Ting Ting very honestly to blue say.\"What do you like her?\"\"Her pure, transparent and innocent ……I feel that she seems to come from another star.\"\"Judge a mistake, she isn\'t an Alien, just, how say?The just social appearance is just different.\"\"Sea turtle ah, how can I not see clearly ocean flavor on her body son?\"\"Get, full Ning.\"Cloud son is what don\'t also hear, give money blue, let blue to hand over a style, she such as hungry thirst the ground saw album of paintings and advanced unopposed.The long Deng that see cloud son and farmland bright all in the outside that was blue to hand over a style up read, then and Ting Ting the small voice chatted.Allow Ting Ting to Education & Technical ask a blue way:\"Ah, how to don\'t understand our this little aunt?You say her cultural Gao, she even none of words greatly recognizes, say she is low, she is again top-grade to appreciating of calligraphy and painting ability.\"\"Ah ah, you don\'t the chronic ailment making to decide arbitrarily again isn\'t very good?Doesn\'t she learn characters?Is just strange!She is to don\'t recognize simplification word, my mother says, she is 34 years old and then recognizes 231000 words!His father that BE, is know Gao.\"\"Since Education & Technical is Gao Zhi\'s familieses to be from, how also can not the so small age get married?Ah, does her lover do what?If she marries the ragtag\'s type of, my allowing Ting Ting is about to weep aloud to cry especially.\"\"Your marriage value makes people be getting more sorrow too much and tells you, her husband is a kind of ground.\"\"My close mama ah, the God acts towards people a meeting so unfair?Is her husband opening tractor to sow seeds and take the straw hat party of sickle autumn harvest in the ground?\"\"Straw hat party?You old man\'s house of black humorous and profound many, ha ha ha ……\"\"Smile what to smile?Ah, the little aunt comes to Peking, does the little uncle come to have no?\"\"Who is a little uncle with what you said?Build a cart behind closed door!Turn head you to my mother to go there on-the-spot investigation for a while., The and so forth waits hasty?\"Being Education & Technical a bit blue is ill at ease.Cloud son where sometimes concept?More see more like, the book is a little bit expensive, two books spend nearly 50 dollars, this price still sell at a discount of, can also like too much.Can not buy again, still invite the help of teacher Xu.It is blue to talk to still give her a fright with her, daze to frighten into inaction.\"We return to, you probably have never walked so far road, quickly at noon, I invite you to have a western meal.\"The time in evening, reported in news be kidnap of the middle age women rescue of news, Wang Dong Huang, tidy up to want to escape.But again unwilling give°ed the ready-made fatty sheep to put, the beautiful girl also has youth football training drills tips no to intime enjoy.Again the Wei make Ling Juan speak Mr. Fu\'s circumstance.But with he how the Wei force, threaten and traverse Juan don\'t say as well Wang Dong is inquisitive, end to Ling Juan Xia black hand.Is also traverse a Juan life should soccer drills for kids not cut off, when Wang Dong\'s evil claw choked Ling Juan to suffocate, the landlord big uncle comes to knock on door to want rent.Good Qiao unfortunately, the not football skills video far place ring out a sharp whistle voice outside this meeting.Wang Dong\'s first reaction is a police department to catch him, hence Duo road but escape, Education & Technical knock down big uncle of landlord on the beehive coal cooker of door opposite.This landlord is very good, feel that the tenant is very abnormal.Wang Dong the image before person have been breadth considerate and generous way of, an eldest brother elder brother\'s shape.Today, the eye pupil son is all red, appearance don\'t kill people, is want cannibalism!The landlord big uncle sees Ling Juan on the bed again has been collapsed and fainted, two words didn\'t say and then beat the telephone of first aid center 120.\"Luckily landlord big uncle, don\'t traverse Juan ……\" Ling Juan fears after feeling good!She isn\'t to afraid of death, dead too unworthy in the Wang Dong\'s beast hand like this.Wang Dong so at this time runs to where?He has already arrived at a small town son of inferiority in gallery shop City up, the home of one of his\"the elder brothers\"s.This elder brothers should be Wang Dong, not, is Zhang Ming\'s under charge, but not participation kidnaps and just circulate news.

Education & Technical For the sake of the self-preservation, Wang Dong also does in a couple of days the effort of three feet cats, the man is to beat however, scaring a few women can also take care of to use.The big wife\'s elder sister is quick 60, don\'t say to fight with others, Education & Technical the other people push her a make her falling off Yang noodles will toward the sky.Traverse Juan that person is also a Song to wrap, small beautiful belong to blind Zha to shout a son of, also have one is the person whom he wants to kidnap.Coy big beauty, the home comes in a few cruel as predatory animal men not to frighten dizzy just strange!\"Super low price, than the originally still low price.\"

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