Dribbling \"Elder sister says with you, you spend some money each time, all want to keep books of, otherwise time grew not to know to spend how much, the elder sister also canned not remembered clearly when the time comes.This is the very serious problem.\"\"That need not?We can believe elder sister.\"\"This is the rules, not ability careless temple careless absolute being.This elder sister will give you the confidence.Buy thing and pay a fee what of all there is certificate, each certificate can not throw to lose.We are the persons of self-discipline, also have to be clean on the Zhang eyes.\"\"Now that elder sister Dribbling say so, press the elder sister to say of do.\"\"This to, the elder sister will help you seek of good quality but inexpensive goods of, don\'t become nervous.Or that sentence, the thing that you want to buy here is that you are there have no of.You have to pass by to process, management close dint like this in person is of process, here the noodles has the test to you, you are big pure nobility strata, to the civilian common people\'s daily possible lo needed not up, but, you go into business to face of not only is an only high social person, but also want peaceful people common people to make contact with.Why must and so forth do you together come?Because you are from society of medium bottom layer, now again at key figures living, can understand you very much there each females of stratum all like what.So, purchase the time of goods you have right to speak most .Still have, the timely rain master wants to see you how is the mindset of mindset similar to the mountain goods in front in front of this world of sensual pleasures?In the world what most ability moving heart?Natural affection and wealth.Be loath to part to the heart of parents, husband and wife and children, be loath to part to the heart of gold and silver valuables.You chase an original stone of jadeite so valuable value of things\' all contributing to help a new gentleman , for the economic condition of your in those days, is really the thought and behavior of high state.Still hope that you can let go of figure and purchase more practical thing by the civilian common people\'s mindset.The elder sister knows that all of the cultural objects that you bring are and so forths and her fathers of, but Mr. Fu at in also have an investment, your in the mindses are all understand.The meaning of the elder sister is to want to see you to are what mindset in front of money and supplies.\"Wang Ye says:\"Elder sister you are knowing, the blessing blesses ever house several years, although return to secular life, much time is still family\'s man\'s natural character.Is very clear what gold and silver all of valuableses are external thingses.The blessing blesses to there is still now a feudal title of prince, the food and clothing lives to go to all have a guarantee, what all enough, so ignore here is what kind, this settles dint still certain.All of the curios that we bring are Mr. Chens and cloud son of, saying state Gao should be them.\"\"You the his state of Mr. Chen for saying enough Gao, don\'t hestitate the ground takes out these cultural objects, he also can\'t white take.The elder sister reminds you a , is the thing that you want to buy Be a lot of to is all what the civilian\'s common people use, is the ability worthy of a look?\"Wang Ye smiles:\"Seeing to the elder sister is to bless blessing to see into the person who will put Kuo.The person whom our your home goes out to buy can also save and then save.All of the affair here our three peoples are amateurs, everythings all listen to elder sister.\"\"Everythings all listen to don\'t go as well and also want to purchase goods according to your favours.Although the elder sister relatively acquaints with big pure history and also know you there of some local customses, but a lot of detail problem the historical records up have no, so, use your to appreciate beauty taste to purchase goods.There is also a matter, you don\'t acquaint with the condition here and go shopping a dozen of cars, the sitting a bus easily give crowded spread, Dribbling so and too dangerous.Time of going shopping use a very blue car, blue pregnancy, finish livinging the maternity leave that the kid still has half year.Her that road tiger as your appropriation cars, safety.Driver elder sister already seek for you good, is that reply a member soldier, is an elder sister the colleague\'s kid, in the troops is be drive for chief of, reply a member the soldier compare the credibility of the person of society, background in his house isn\'t complicated either.You want to go where, say a son with him, he direct send you to.This kid is from Peking three soldiers of and very acquaint with to Peking.The vehicle expenses in the this year and the wages of driver are paid by you, the elder sister is very stingy?Ha ha ha ……\"The son that is blue to guide cloud with the course of guiding the graduate student, cloud son can appreciate an absolute being meeting right away.Listen to a very blue suggestion very much, change to°from the painting delicate strokes to major in a small letter idea flowers and birds painting, very blue delight, happinesses can not express, if wasn\'t cloud son to be pregnant, blue really think to embrace her several of Lun.

Hence, the first stired a little thief who steal the cloth to appear.These people probably have 20th, , is all bum to organize together, form a small group, exclusively do some plot that doesn\'t lock of prying open doors.Don\'t see is a disorderly band, also have the ability the person.Even has\"**\", what lock can open.There is also brave pack for day of and all opened to come over the cars delivering cargo.More overbearing is they incredibly have an anaesthesia gun and all sleep at residents in the small area of after midnight familiar, guard against the time of the weakest consciousness begin. For blue say of concerning give birth to the business that the kid has no in danger here, cloud son takes something with a grain of salt.At big pure, woman\'s giving birth to a kid is a jaws of death.And yonder woman\'s age was very young and then married and heard 13 years old give birth to a kid.Take place very easily difficult produce of the matter football skill teaching is 20 how old women to give birth to a kid to also have is difficult to produce of, the mother and child double double leaves a life time, very pathetic.Cloud son ever since that time borns Mao son, more frightened to the business that livings a kid.That kind of the horrifying ache isn\'t what handle knob mows a son to compare.Being only painful can also pretty pass by and return in danger, finishing livinging may also appear blood to collapse, the type of postnatal period breeze.But is very important chemisette responsibility inside one be living son for husband to teach a female and carry on the family line.Oneself is still young, really is should give birth to a few kids for Wang Ye.Isn\'t another, he had the kid whom he gives birth to, probably can\'t re-marry an another woman.He says don\'t , but in those early years be not also married oneself?Cloud son isn\'t jealous, is is afraid that Wang Ye re-marries an oversensitive, oneself very dangerous, a dessert machine all have no, basically don\'t know how to defend other people.The Mao son was so small and then sealed son of a feudal lord, if another women enter a mansion, the Mao son is the person who is calculated.Thought of my cloud son fight a cold war and also rejoiced at the same time oneself must be pregnant again, she pours not to is to think that the kids will get Wang Ye\'s more doter more, be feel two kids always than only Mao son an in the mind gives bottom more some.Listen to blue to say the person here ignore adult kid, the death rate is aller far far low than big pure, because the medical condition here is much good friends with, the economic condition of crowd also compares big pure good of many, the economic condition like, the living standard comes up naturally, the person\'s immunity ability also follows an exaltation, and the death rate will descend naturally.Probably Wang Ye again many a kids can\'t re-marry side blessing Jin.Cloud son doesn\'t want to particularly spoil, but if the later side blessing Jin is what harbors evil designs, she doesn\'t think that many ones have no a matter even if account own person.Pregnancy of the matter completely is what cloud son didn\'t thought of, but listen to blue so a say still really some rejoice.Is blue to say to is difficult to produce also can\'t in danger.Don\'t know as well here of steady old woman how have so skill, the woman is difficult to produce all all right.If Be getting iner an interesting condition, embrace the kid return to mansion and pour is also a very big result.How to all have no a little bit more previous fellings?Hear that keeping in mind a girl to respond is small, will this foetus be a girl?Girl also good, know to love a mother.But Wang Ye\'s daughter is a space space, believing in room the female be give and kiss preparation of.Still give birth to a boy.The thoughting of my cloud son is long long ground one breath, is from sky with the life.Oneself also really has a little I am sorry Wang Ye and marries for 78 years, borns a kid for him, blessing Jin all seem to have never hoped to born, on the contrary born 1.For contend for spoiling, cloud son is uninterested.The husband likes you, basically need not contend for and spend every day a few hours wash face and comb hair foppery, then the Nao head make Zi, really isn\'t exceling of cloud son in front of husband.There is that effort that read a book, write lettering and paint to draw much good?Why the need for want a wave to take a lot of time to waste life?Wang Ye\'s personality completely isn\'t that the dust is vulgar medium of those men, all says ten nine colors to men, isn\'t a man think a color, is the man\'s physiology to construct different from the woman.Cloud son has a little not to agree with.The man\'s physiology is different from the woman, but the man is also a person, the morals norm that the person will obey a person.Be because of lewd what all regardless of?Did the gift righteousness none of honesty and honor want?In the evening, Wang Ye and Mr. Zhongs make the city suburb of \"is green all the year round\" come back from one, entering the first matter of house isn\'t a bathing, and it is first to ask cloud son:\"How?Have what uncomfortable?\"

Dribbling coach soccer Little professor Zhong doesn\'t dare to say to still have and fears to ask for trouble, say:\"I then ask for you.\"\"Want certain words, all stay for me.\"Chief executive officer\'s adult is too straightforward, see appearance very rich.He says:\"I the big Jiu son is richer than me, the specialized Xue touches the other people have no of, his common idiom BE:As long as the thing is true, don\'t differ money.So professor Zhong gives a lot of care to let Xue touch a little good thing.He likes to cut off a thing of son.He was a generation to make real estate and have already not earned enough to do at the earliest stage, and just full ground Tao treasure in world.\"\"Go, I ask for you.\"Had this a pail of gold other of not first worried. Chapter 69 curio easy currency(two)The elder sister is afraid that the Wang Ye San people misunderstand, they is basically muddled to the circumstance here of, own cultural object changes of money don\'t write his/her own name, may have viewpoint.Wang Ye San\'s individual is also cloud sons to understand 1:00 to the business of money.Because she after all once saw in store in uncle the uncle do business, Wang Ye never bears the bag, and the economic life veins of your home all hold in hand at the blessing Jin.Money of the son that the farmland is bright to more is careless of a lord, how spend money and buy all what things is the lord sons to say to calculate, oneself eats no matter the food wear.Cloud son makes the bank being the silver ticket card, the silver ticket up doesn\'t write name as well, so the name used elder sister to her still ordained in nature.Elder sister but some mental reservations all have no ground to tell cloud son this place of circumstance.The relation of bank card, ID card.Have no ID card is really in difficult pass.Still need to give them 3 to do a temporary ID card after.Have the elder sister guarantee, still can do.Still say bank the card is very convenient, in save how much didn\'t relate to.Still tell cloud son the ratio of the silver here and Reminbi, about 200 dollars equal to 12 silvers, 12 silvers are big pure 1,000 texts.Calculate so and big pure silver synchronous.The Wang Ye San people don\'t understand this 360,000,000 is what concept, the Rao is that they is one person under the myriad people in the big Manchu Dynasty on of Wang Ye also have no and\"hundred million\" words, \"must\" this number once beat to hand over a way, in their eyes seem is all stronomical figure.Elder sister washington youth soccer tells Wang Ye, the silver here 1 catty is 12, 12 silvers very CNY here 200 dollars so CNY 360,000,000 are 1,800,002 silvers.So a convert be not frightenned a person very much, big pure also have 1,000,000 rich men, they with silver how much two compute.Although Wang Ye and cloud son are all royal persons, be regarded as life ascend the most wealthy crowd, at big pure, which prince, county the king didn\'t also ascend must of property.But for once was the army supplies officer\'s Wang Ye root is a small vegetables is 1 disc.Be an inside type the battle also get a several 1,000,002 flowers to sell.But suddenly on listenning to a top hundred million numbers still keep getting a fright, cautiously think to money here seems to be plain wheat roll Xuan, have no big pure true.Wang Ye doesn\'t like to touch money most , from cloud son preservation.Had a pail of gold the in the mind Be getting more dependable, the elder sister and Mr. Zhong starts Dribbling formally looking for Dribbling a source.The meaning of the elder sister is Mr. Fu three personal part learn a skill to know to buy what, part start buying goods, don\'t can be able to wear a factory house to buy.For instance at the goods that bought 1,000,000 dollars in a factory house, the factory house for having may because what customer bought much deducts from it, may also blend to make a leave.This kind of matter is to have never appeared, if the person here give°s Mr. Fu pit, the elder sister will have qualms of conscience dead.Cloud son takes bank\'s card to say to elder sister:\"The bank card is still put you here, ignore we is living in the middle use of still hereafter buy thing to use, we are all very careless, please must stay enough our all expenseses that need to be consumeds, already troublesome your whole families, again allow you to add money us fault.\"\"Can Dribbling you believe so elder sister?\"\"Who don\'t we believe you to still believe?Get to have no one to turn to here, before still incognizant you you trust make us live in your home.If you can not believe teacher to entrust us to your a ?\"Elder sister says that the pregnancy wants to drink water more fruit and vegetable and goes out the time of Dribbling buying the vegetables every day and all wants to bring back to a son these foods, greatly in autumn of elder sister and buy vegetables together of small beautiful tired get the full head is sweat.

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