Children Football Has been seen sample and bargained, bought moving of 500,000 dollars Anne\'s children football paper, from car in the factory house to send to the factory factory premises out of the small area big wall.Move Anne paper at big pure have been already had, do a word and paint when cloud son is small, all is use of move Anne\'s paper.Cloud son not only wants to study a painting, but also needs to look after wearing children football of Wang Ye and sees from the outward appearance, Wang Ye should is to belong to a key figures social person and has much of the vehemence of place of honor, his clothes will be very presentable first, the western dress pen stands, the shoes Mao is bright.The these rinses that all want cloud son and Yu is usually hot, Improving Your Soccer Skills On Your Own also want to his choice new suit, can not always wear that set of.The Shao takes the clothes of farmland bright demand also to buy back, and usually tidy up.The farmland is bright very ill at ease, but he doesn\'t dare to block lord son as well.

\"Even if being 19 years old to start, arriving is 36 years old, break there are also more than 10 years on the road of the continuously continuously in custody food luck grass.Does that time think that the day like this iswhen at last?Say to is to marry for quick 20 years to have you to enter a mansion with blessing Jin, in fact previous I heel she together of the day add all together in less than two years.In the center there is also the big jail in more than a yearses ……\" Little professor Zhong doesn\'t dare to say to still have and fears to ask for trouble, say:\"I then ask for you.\"\"Want certain words, all stay for me.\"Chief executive officer\'s adult is too straightforward, see appearance very rich.He says:\"I the big Jiu son is richer than me, the specialized Xue touches the other people have no of, his common idiom BE:As long as the thing is true, don\'t differ money.So professor Zhong gives a lot of care to let Xue touch a little good thing.He likes to cut off a thing of son.He was a generation to make real estate and have already not earned enough to do at the earliest stage, and just full ground Tao treasure in world.\"\"Go, I ask for you.\"Had this a pail of gold other of not first worried. Chapter 69 curio easy currency(two)The elder sister is afraid that the Wang Ye San people misunderstand, they is basically muddled to the circumstance here of, own cultural object changes of money don\'t write his/her own name, may have viewpoint.Wang Ye San\'s individual is also cloud sons to understand 1:00 to the business of money.Because she after all once saw in store in uncle the uncle do business, Wang Ye never bears the bag, and the economic life veins of your home all hold in hand at the blessing Jin.Money of the son that the farmland is bright to more is careless of a lord, how spend money and buy all what things is the lord sons to say to calculate, oneself eats no matter the food wear.Cloud son makes the bank being the silver ticket card, the silver ticket up doesn\'t write name as well, so the name used elder sister to her still ordained in nature.Elder sister but some mental reservations all have no ground to tell cloud son this place of circumstance.The relation of bank card, ID card.Have no ID card is really in difficult pass.Still need to give them 3 to do a temporary ID card after.Have the elder sister guarantee, still can do.Still say bank the card is very convenient, children football in save how much didn\'t relate to.Still tell cloud son the ratio of the silver here and Reminbi, about 200 dollars equal to 12 silvers, 12 silvers are big pure 1,000 texts.Calculate so and big pure silver synchronous.The Wang Ye San people don\'t understand this 360,000,000 is what concept, the Rao is that they is one person under the myriad people in the big Manchu Dynasty on of Wang Ye also have no and\"hundred million\" words, \"must\" this number once beat to hand over a way, in their eyes seem is all stronomical figure.Elder sister tells Wang Ye, the silver here 1 catty is 12, 12 silvers very CNY here 200 dollars so CNY 360,000,000 are 1,800,002 silvers.So a convert be not frightenned a person very much, big pure also have 1,000,000 rich men, they with silver how much two compute.Although Wang Ye and cloud son are all royal persons, be regarded as life ascend the most wealthy crowd, at big pure, which prince, county the king didn\'t also ascend must of property.But for Basic football dribbling training once was the army supplies officer\'s Wang Ye root is a small vegetables is 1 disc.Be an inside type the battle also get a several 1,000,002 flowers to sell.But suddenly on listenning to a top hundred million numbers still keep getting a fright, cautiously think to money here seems to be plain wheat roll Xuan, have no big pure true.Wang Ye doesn\'t like to touch money most , from cloud son preservation.Had a pail of gold the in the mind Be getting more dependable, the elder sister and Mr. Zhong starts formally looking for a source.The meaning of the elder sister is Mr. Fu three personal part learn a skill to know to buy what, part start buying goods, don\'t can be able to wear a factory house to buy.For instance at the goods that bought 1,000,000 dollars in a factory house, the factory house for having may because what customer bought much deducts from it, may also blend to make a leave.This kind of matter is to have never appeared, if the person here give°s Mr. Fu pit, the elder sister will have qualms of conscience dead.Cloud son takes bank\'s card to say to elder sister:\"The bank card is still put you here, ignore we is living in the middle use of still hereafter buy thing to use, we are all very careless, please must stay enough our all expenseses that need to be consumeds, already troublesome your whole families, again allow you to add money us fault.\"\"Can you believe so elder sister?\"\"Who don\'t we believe you to still believe?Get to have no one to turn to here, before still incognizant you you trust make us live in your home.If you can not believe teacher to entrust us to your a ?\"The son that is blue to tell cloud:\"I ever 1 time once mailed order 20 knife badge, is the brand coach soccer painting paper of Jing county in Anhui factory, the amount was very small, the factory house mailed to come over through a post office, a knives didn\'t throw, the quality also matched to say in the publicity of, is 4 Chinese feet the clean children football skin livings especially, the effect that write, draws a comfortable painting was all very good, I took for you how many cut to well try a pen, if you feel good, might as well mail order some, first a little amount, then several factory houses in the Jing county choose goods and let seriously, the sea dragon and Mr. Fu choose goods in Anhui in person, your buying is all bove 100,000 dollars of, can not drop with the light heart, in case of they with time Chong good, we are to reject goods, but also hold up time be not?The business of painting paper seriously also understands some.We can mail order first some, regard as lapidating to ask the way, if you satisfaction buy more some, oneself\'s inexhaustibility sold to make money, how?\"

Children Football The mother of married couple, very blue mother-in-law of elder sister receives the son\'s telephone and know that the daughter-in-law of son will soon be about to deliver child, hurriedly Harbin from the northeast rushes through to come over to look after a son daughter-in-law.She is originally a Peking Man, the husband is person in Harbin, is adjusted to work in Peking from the northeast, retired now, there is a set of house in the old house.Two sons and universities graduate the work that seeks in the northeast behind, his daughter-in-law is person, only daughter in Harbin, the parents can not get away from her, the little two people lives that house, also connect over father-in-law\'s mother-in-law live.Li Rui\'s parents also accidentally have once Harbin is small to live of time .Several years ago, the old two people once leased out the house of Peking and returned to the old house of old house to live.The rent Zan gets up to stay for two sons to buy a house and take a wife.Be pregnant in cloud son have been strongly studying various technical skill 2-5 months ago, as long as say on the computer\"how ……\" learns into for him.There is an excellent cool website in the computer, the video frequency of inside contains the contents to guide to do handicraft product, suppose grass plait, various each kind with corn skin, wheat Ji and Pu stick grass for the Dou of raw material and basket, basket and basket handicraft product really is again apply again beautiful.The inside still children football has how beat grass Lian, Wei children football Lian, weave a basket basket, Kang seat and food to store, rabbit cage, fruits basket etc. plait method.Yun Er feels very practical and not only saw a meeting, but also record concrete contentses all come down, be not ability actual operation.Even Wang Ye is also very interested in, saw a quite a few time.

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